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How it works

LookyLeads offers tools for marketing and customer success. It's a power FREE tool alone — but even better when used together with your AgentMarketing account.


Add your properties

Add your properties manually or by pulling directly from your AgentMarketing account.

Host your open house

Host your open house at any time when you're ready and open on your browser or laptop.

Automate followups

Followup with interested visitors by sending them an email or automating with your AM account.
Increase visitor satisfaction

Supportive and helpful

Being supportive and helpful can make all the difference for an interested buyer. We make it easy to get info about the property and provide a wide variety of tools to help you get set up.
Focus on the sale

Automated marketing & info

When a visitor signs in at an open house, they can receive notifications and emails about the property, sent directly to their phone or email. It makes it easy to provide all the basic information and in a way they can easily share.
Combine with AgentMarketing

Better Together

Focus on closing the deal, and let us help you with automating outreach and marketing. By connecting your LookyLeads account with your AM account, you can automate monthly newsletters, websites, and so much more!

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